No one has a clear idea about what new political order might emerge after a military intervention in Iraq. New York Times interview with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder:

»But the other arguments that I have cited against an intervention (in Iraq) are so important that I would also be against such an intervention if — for whatever reasons and in whatever form — the Security Council of the United Nations were to say Yes, which I cannot imagine happening in the present situation. I have attempted to make clear that it is not just formal considerations that induce me to say that this is the wrong way. I have told you about what harm we would do to the international coalition against terror. I have attempted to make clear that we must prove before the eyes of the world in Afghanistan and elsewhere, that participation in the struggle against terror will also bring a peace dividend, and I know of no one who has a real concept for a new order in the Middle East which could shape the region afterwards. These are for me weighty arguments that lead me to say: Of course it is important for Germany what resolutions the United Nations adopt, but these arguments — these three — they remain my own, the ones that make me say: Hands off.«

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