Op-ed by Gerhard Schröder in the Huffington Post:

»Europe has arrived at a crossroads. Either Europe develops into a political union and becomes a truly global player, or it moves backward as a continent of nation states that have neither political nor economic clout on the global level. We saw a premonition of such a weak and disparate Europe during the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen in 2009. The EU nation states played only a marginal role while the emerging economies, led by China, made the key decisions.For me, one thing is certain: We need a united, strong Europe. Such a Europe is also in the interests of the U.S. and would strengthen the transatlantic alliance. For we now know that today’s great global challenges, from financial instability to climate protection to the fight against terrorism to peace in the new Middle East, cannot be met by a single state in the world on its own. Germany, firmly embedded within European structures, must do its share and not follow the temptation to retreat into its own national ego.«

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